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When Beggars Die


In this first novel of the Montclaire Mysteries Series, murder mixes with international intrigue to make a deliciously evil soup.  The year is 1903, and there's a murder at Le Chat Noir, a cabaret in Montmartre.  No ordinary murder.  It appears that Edward VII, King of England has killed poor Marie Collot.  Called in as the French Republic's official investigator, Gerard de Montclaire navigates a complex web of greed, hatred, jealousy, and intrigue to find a ruthless master spy, who will stop at nothing to prevent an historic treaty between England and France.  In the end, however, the key to the crime may be as simple as love gone awry. 


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Narrated by Guy Bethell.

I Am Aaron
It is a strange morning when Scotland Yard's Special Branch begs help in solving crime. But a series of grisly murders across London have so unnerved the Government that they go hat in hand to beg the help of Europe's greatest detective, Gerard de Montclaire. The murders seem to have no connection at all, except that each victim is murdered in the same brutal way. They are clearly the work of a deranged mind, but Montclarie and his associate, Sir Francis FitzMaurice, are challenged to fathom the rationale of the homicidal lunatic and to anticipate him. The unraveling of that rationale leads to a frightening conclusion, that could have consequences for the future of Europe.
A Girl of No Consequence



Dominique Sorelle's mutilated body was found one night, hanging from the Austerlitz Bridge in Paris. The Government enlists Gérard de Montclaire, France's most acclaimed detective, to find the killer. The murderer may have committed other, similar crimes. There is growing alarm in official circles, hinted at in the tabloid press, that a "Ripper" is loose in Paris. The investigation takes Montclaire and his associate, Sir Francis FitzMaurice, into the dark world of Parisian sadism, in search of an insane but clever killer. What they find is a conspiracy that frightens the Government and stymies Justice. Can the great detective get justice for Dominique Sorelle? Or, is this to be his greatest failure?


The Twice-Killed Man​

The Earl of Ormond is dead, and everyone knows he was murdered by his wife. The widely-despised Earl -- one of England's renowned fox-hunting men -- was shot in his own stable at the end of a long-standing dispute with Lady Ormond about '"animals' rights." And the abundance of eye-witness and physical evidence says the Lady did it. Just the sort of open-and-shut case to challenge the formidable skills of the Belle Epoque's greatest detective, Gérard de Montclaire. Follow the French sleuth and his associate, Sir Francis FitzMaurice, as they sift a mountain of evidence, brave the assaults of a ruthless adversary, and endure the emotions of a private tragedy, to find a surprising truth.

The Rare Vintage
Rare wine, envy, and greed make for a toxic stew, as Montclaire lays bare a story of vengeful murder and corruption. Chanson de Cartier has everything -- money, position, prestige, love . . . and enemies. Quite a few enemies, in fact. But as it turns out, Chanson is himself a mystery, and Montclaire must uncover the secret, inner life of a troubled young man, before he can sort through the motives of the one or several who killed him. And in the end, justice proves elusive and difficult to obtain. Edwardian Murder Mystery at its best. 




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