Scratching a lifelong itch to write mystery fiction was easy for me, because the love of mysteries – especially those of the Golden Age – has been with me since childhood.  It was then, in about the fourth grade, that I first enjoyed “The Red-Headed League,” followed quickly with “The Adventure of the Norwood Builder.”  Soon, I had read all of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Wilkie Collins, Agatha Christie, the Hardy Boys mysteries, and Nancy Drew.  I thrilled at Robert van Gulik’s Judge Dee mysteries and at Sapper’s Bulldog Drummond stories.  Even today, I’d rather curl up on a rainy night with anything by Dorothy L. Sayers than with a modern thriller.


I am a Writer, History Professor, and former CIA Intelligence Officer. I bring all three together in my series of Edwardian mysteries, which follow the exploits of France's most formidable detective of the Belle Époque, Gérard de Montclaire. The Montclaire Mysteries feature engaging tales of intrigue, revenge, jealousy, espionage, political corruption, and international conspiracy, embedded within the actual historical texture of the Victorian-Edwardian Era. Real historical actors mix with fictional characters in plots and situations that are plausible, and in which both speak with voices that are authentic to the era.

In government, I served during the Bush and Clinton Administrations as the CIA's Senior Analyst for European Security Affairs, and as Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Europe. I have taught at several colleges and universities, lectured widely on International Relations, and have published more than a score of historical articles in scholarly journals--notably The Journal of British Studies and French Historical Studies. I now live in my native Northwest Arkansas, where I raise cattle, promote Historic Preservation, continue to lecture on International Relations, and teach Modern European History and The History of Civilizations.


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